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Data current as of 09/10/2020
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FY2021 Estimated Assessments & Charges
To be Used by the Board of Assessors for Budget Planning Purposes
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PROGRAMFY2021 Assessments & Charges
County Assessments:
County Tax22,785,788
Suffolk County Retirement3,845,609
Sub-Total, County Assessments:26,631,397
State Assessments and Charges:
Retired Employees Health Insurance50,191
Retired Teachers Health Insurance40,478,237
Mosquito Control Projects13,967,140
Air Pollution Districts2,414,462
Metropolitan Area Planning Council1,821,615
Old Colony Planning Council145,504
RMV Non-Renewal Surcharge12,132,350
Sub-Total, State Assessments:71,009,499
Transportation Authorities:
Boston Metro. Transit District25,001
Regional Transit43,561,758
Sub-Total, Transp Authorities:221,447,293
Annual Charges Against Receipts:
STRAP Repayments6,000
Multi-Year Repayment Program529,992
Special Education3,572,426
Sub-Total, Annual Charges:4,108,418
Tution Assessments:
School Choice Sending Tuition86,029,277
Charter School Sending Tuition714,102,657
Sub-Total, Tution Assessments:800,131,934

Total All Estimated Charges:1,123,328,541
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