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Preliminary Municipal Cherry Sheet Estimates
Data current as of 01/24/2019
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FY2020 Preliminary Cherry Sheet Estimates
All Municipalities

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Education Receipts:
Chapter 704,177,314,5464,371,040,074
School Transportation182,295173,212
Charter Tuition Reimbursement85,009,20197,741,200
Smart Growth School Reimbursement412,694250,000
Offset Receipts:
School Choice Receiving Tuition53,196,47853,026,411
Sub-Total, All Education Items:4,316,115,2144,522,230,897
General Government:
Unrestricted Gen Gov't Aid1,098,945,8971,128,617,436
Local Share of Racing Taxes721,350721,350
Regional Public Libraries2,706,3842,706,384
Urban Revitalization1,168,3060
Veterans Benefits39,799,15446,098,304
Exemp: VBS and Elderly25,343,08926,052,265
State Owned Land28,478,13128,478,131
Offset Receipts:
Public Libraries9,362,7009,612,700
Sub-Total, All General Government:1,206,525,0111,242,286,570

Total Estimated Reciepts: 5,522,640,2255,764,517,467
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