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DLS Gateway offers local officials an immediate way to enter data and verify submission status across all the regulatory review programs administered by Division of Local Services. The following online services are currently available:

Public Reports and Database

Free Cash Calculations Beginning in FY14

Municipalities with Approved Tax Rate
Municipal Fiscal Year Recaps
Municipal Proforma Recap
Municipal Levy Limit
Districts with Approved Tax Rate
District Fiscal Year Recaps
District Pro Forma Recap
City/Town Official Directory
LA3 - Parcel Search
Corporation Book On-line Search
City & Town Free Cash
District Free Cash
Regional School District Excess & Deficiency

Services for Authorized Local Officials

Tax Rate Recapitulation
Schedule A Annual Revenues & Expenditures
LA3 Real Estate Sales
Miscellaneous Accounting Forms
Gateway Help System : Tutorials, Tips, and Topics
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How to Become an Authorized User?

DLS Gateway is restricted to elected and appointed municipal officials. To learn more about how to become an authorized user, please click here.
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